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'Freedom' vs 'Australia' 1980                                                         (click on the image to return to the previous page)

Australia became the first challenger since 1870 to contest the America's Cup a second consecutive time, having lost to Courageous in the 1977 series of races.

Between 1979 - 1980 Australia was extensively modified by Ben Lexcen with a longer keel, from which lead was removed, part of which was put into the bottom of the hull. Lexcen also designed a new mast, with hydraulically adjustable spreaders to increase or reduce mast torsion depending on the strength of the wind or the sea conditions.

This composition is from sketches and photographs I took during the race.

How one would have loved to have had the same opportunity at many of the Cup races of the past!

The 12-metre class yacht Freedom defeated the challenging yacht Australia.

Freedom was designed with an alloy rather than a wood hull by Olin Stephens and Bill Langan, and constructed at Minneford Yacht Yard.

She was skippered in the Cup by Dennis Conner.

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