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Clippers & Packet Ships

‘Red Jacket’                                                                                                    (click on the image to return to the previous page)

American clipper built by George Thomas in Rockland, Maine, for Seacombe and Taylor of Boston.

Launched in 1853, length 251 feet, beam 44 feet, depth 41 feet, 2505 tonnes.

Regarded by many as the finest ship in her class. The vessel proved to be capable of high hourly speeds, having frequently sailed 350 nautical miles in 24 hours.

The origin of the name of the ship is interesting. An Indian chief, Segoyewatha, befriended the British troops during the American Revolution, and was given a red coat. Later in the war of 1812, Segoyewatha befriended the Americans. It was then that a man named Taylor (later of Seacombe and Taylor) was captured by the British. Chief ‘Red Jacket’ rescued him, and Taylor promised he would name a ship after him. Regrettably the Indian did not live to see the ship. He died in 1830.

This was one of the first clippers I painted, and I show her ‘In irons’ on the Mersey, with Liverpool in the background.