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An American clipper, Typhoon was launched at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on the 18th February 1851.

The owners D. A. Kingsland of New York. She was an extreme clipper of 1611 tonnes.

Her record is one of consistently fast passages.

Typhoon was one of three clippers - the others were Sea Witch and Raven - that took part in a dramatic race from New York to San Francisco.

The first to set sail was the Sea Witch on the 1st August, followed by Typhoon on the 2nd.The Raven, smallest of the three, set sail on the 5th.

It was a hard fought contest, with the leading craft changing many times in the long haul down the long coast of South America.

Around the Horn and on the last stretch to the Golden Gate, Sea Witch was leading but Raven and Typhoon began to overhaul her.

Typhoon came in first on the 18th, Raven on the 19th, and Sea Witch on the 20th, but because of Raven’s late start, she was considered the winner.

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