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‘Wasp v Frolic’                                                                         (click on the image to return to the previous page)

Perhaps a unique encounter in naval history. The American sloop Wasp attacked and captured the British Ship HMS Frolic.

Both had been damaged by storm the previous day, but the Frolic, without her main mast, was no match for Wasp’s greater gun power.

It was boarded by the crew of the Wasp and captured.

Whilst the Frolic was under repair at sea, the Wasp was sighted by a British ‘Ship of the Line’, which subsequently captured the Wasp and, in doing so, re-captured the Frolic.

This painting depicts the initial engagement between the Frolic and Wasp with the Wasp in the foreground.

The composition shows a heavy swell which often persists after a Storm.

Wikipedia: Capture of HMS Frolic

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